About Us

What is Forenaire?
We started off as a clothing brand selling regular hoodies and t-shirts. We came about  in 2016 after our owner was denied several employment opportunities at the age of 14. As a Freshman in high school, he wanted to get a job in order to support his family to the best of his ability while also earning small revenue on the side. When he got denied employment, he became motivated to achieve his goals and decided "his success shouldn't be determined by age." After this, he decided to hire himself and the rest was history!
Initial days:
Our founder founded the company by trying to solve a problem he encountered in his high school, D.M. Therrell High School. He found that a majority of his classmates have a liking for high-end brands, but there was a disconnect to those who likes minimalistic, professional clothing. He just didn't see anyone that enjoys dressing like him. It was then that he decided he will create a high-end brand that focuses on encouraging professional and modest attire. His ultimate goal was to create the "Next Big Brand" but he understood he had to start from reality first. Because he was not that well known, he had to build up his reputation and credibility. He did so by ensuring customer satisfaction on his minimalistic yet eye-catching hoodies. He continued this all throughout his years in high school and by the time he graduated in May of 2020, his clothes have been worn on the bodies of classmates, teachers, administrators, his high school principal, and even throughout his local Atlanta community. He wishes to transition to other forms of professional clothing such as suits, tuxedos, and other business accessories. 
Current/Future Plans
After he graduated, our founder decided to work full time on his company that summer. He came up with different ways to scale his company. Within just a couple of months, he have branched out to the athletic and community industries. With the athletic industry, his main goal is to provide high-end athletic clothing for "hijabi athletes" who wish to play sports and exercise their bodies without going against their beliefs. With the community industry, he created Forenaire Cares as his way of giving back to his communities both in the states and overseas. 
Definition of a Forenaire
An individual who despite all barriers, doubt, inconvenience, circumstances, and injustices, eventually perseveres and tries their very best to become the best version of themselves. A person that fights for the right thing is a Forenaire. 
...Are you a Forenaire???