Forenaire About Us

 Mission Statement

"To create quality Forenaire products that helps people look and feel their best"


Vision Statement

"Under the creative direction of Aboubacar, Forenaire is set to expand to many great possibilities. For now, the main focus is to provide young adults with high-end professional and modest clothing"


What is Forenaire?

Forenaire is a brand-house that is currently housing

"Forenaire Professional," a high-end clothing company

for young adults that focuses on professionalism, and 

"Forenaire Sports," a modest sportswear company for

Muslim Athletes. 


November 2016


Aboubacar Barrie, our current CEO, went to look for a job. He was on Thanksgiving break during his freshmen year of high school at D.M. Therrell High. He was 14 years old and got denied all the jobs he applied for. He started his company the very next day.


December 2016-February 2017

Aboubacar set out to create a high-end clothing brand that would encourage teenagers and young adults to dress more professionally. He came up with a unique name: "Forenaire" after asking himself "what could a foreign person do to become a billionaire in America?" He had to plan and execute it all by himself because his parents didn't believe in the idea originally. With barely any startup capital, he resorted to just creating hoodies, a much welcomed product during that time. His high-end, professional brand will come afterwards.


March 2017

Aboubacar finally introduced his brand to his high school and local mosque. The support was unmatched!!


Rest of 2017- May 2018

After seeing potential in his brand, Aboubacar kept working on it and refining it. A lot of his classmates, staff, and local community supported his brand in one way or another.


June 2018

Aboubacar filed a trademark application for Forenaire. 


August 2018

Great News: Forenaire is officially trademarked!!! 


Rest of 2018-2019

Aboubacar added shirts and zip-up jackets to his lineup.


January 2020 

Aboubacar applied for the National Gucci Scholarship that awards changemakers in the Fashion industry.


July 2020

Great News: Aboubacar is selected as a National Recipient of the Gucci Scholarship. Woohoo!! He is now motivated more than ever to continue with his Forenaire brand.


August 2020

Aboubacar Graduated high school in May and decided to start his college career at Georgia tech with a major in Business Marketing and minor in Mechanical Engineering. 


Summer 2020

Aboubacar launched a sportswear component to Forenaire that is designed specifically for Muslim athletes. Since other brands were neglecting this audience, He wanted to provide this demographic with suitable sportswear that didn't go against their beliefs. He got significant help from the Georgia Tech Create-X program.


August 2021

Aboubacar and his Gucci award was featured on Georgia Tech's student newspaper, the "Technique".


November 2021

Aboubacar made the biggest strides to his Forenaire brand to date with the introduction of "Forenaire Watches" and "Forenaire Belts". He quickly filed for a federal trademark application to protect his iconic two letter "FN" symbol.


December 10, 2021

Aboubacar launches the biggest Forenaire release to date. His Professional clothing dreams have been achieved. He now runs a brand house that houses his professional and athletic clothing. 


What is next for the Forenaire Brand? ...