Professional Attire. Made For Him.

Forenaire is a high-end clothing brand that is on a mission to offer professional attire for young black men. Throughout history, our young men have always been regarded in a negative light. Let's change that! From now on, they can't call our young men "gangsters." They can only call them "fine young men."

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Forenaire Men.

In a time where young black men are portrayed very negatively in society, we created a brand to change this. High-quality professional attire, that's Forenaire.

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The Forenaire Belt.

Fine grain leather, slim profile, this Forenaire belt is the only designer belt you need in your closet. It is a perfect addition to your professional attire collection.

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Forenaire Wallets.

Forenaire Wallets are a great addition to your accesory collection. This wallet features 100% leather, a small-compact design, plenty of storage to store your cards, an ID-cover, and a place to store your cash needs. Very remarkable!!

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Forenaire Dress Code

Forenaire Cardigan - CreamForenaire Cardigan - Cream

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  • ATL Voyage Magazine

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  • J.C. Allmond

    "Forenaire is dedicated to delivering HIGH QUALITY drip!!! "

  • Isiah Anderson

    "Changing the world one Forenaire hoodie at a time"

  • Alpha Diallo

    "I love the brand because it inspires people like me to start creating too"

  • Salmata Barrie

    It speaks to my identities and is tailored for my community

  • Safi Diallo

    "It's unique and very different from other regular brands"

  • Mariama Diallo

    "Forenaire is classic and modern"

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