Forenaire Cares

We created Forenaire Cares as our way of giving back to our communities both here in the states and those overseas. We plan on doing this by implementing beneficial programs into our communities.
1. Forenaire For Guinea
     We are pleased to announce that the very first program under the Forenaire Cares Initiative is "Forenaire For Guinea." We created this program as a direct response to the recent violent events that have plagued our beloved continent, Africa. We integrated Forenaire Professional with this program and as a result, we produced a “Forenaire for Guinea” hoodie. Each “Forenaire for Guinea” hoodie purchased will contribute directly to organizations who are funding and aiding in relief to those citizens in Guinea that are fighting to remove corrupted officials in power. We hope to expand our network to other countries that are facing a similar dilemma as Guinea.